Angel Initiative NPO Video Library

The time has come

I want to thank all the cocreators, venues & audience who have helped to produce amazing art & experiences with Forces Of Nature. The organization is concluding as its time to resume the direct economic & environmental activism executed through the Angel Initiative Non-Profit Organization.

AINPO is dedicated to the education & implementation of low-cost, simple sustainable practices that will save a house hold money & eventually save the local/global environment. Why drive on gasoline when you can drive on water & air? Why pay for electricity?

The UN Climate Council has announced a 15yr window until The Earth can no longer sustain a balanced livable environment for human beings. Put all your plans in this context from here on because that 15yr window only applies if no other environmental catastrophes take place to accelerate environmental degradation.

Now is the time to gain control over your resources, budget & environment.



  • Polytope chest plate - large-scale silver

    Polytope Chest Plate - Large-Scale Silver

    Polytope chest plate w/ crystal - large-scale silver

    Polytope Chest Plate w/ Crystal - Large-Scale Silver


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