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And to all my fellow PoC I missed. We need to unite ya’ll. Reblog this so we can find each other. I love kicking it in Black Tumblr, but unless we connect we can not grow as communities to support each other.


Let’s tag such posts, “tumblr of color.”


BREAKING: Today marks two weeks since the murder of Michael Brown. Today also marks this blog’s 14th continuous day of coverage on the Ferguson MO protests and the investigation of Michael Brown’s murder. Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson, has still not been brought to justice.

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#FreeEisha Trans Woman of Color Faces Attempted Murder Charges for Self-Defense


Another young trans woman of color faces attempted murder charges after defending her life during a group attack in Chicago.

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There’s not enough about Ferguson on my dash


I know I was in the tags things seem a bit stagnant only thing ive found out today was that his go fund me acct was started by the pd department tho


and this gold which is old but ill never forget 

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Brothas y’all alright?

no, im on edge…

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