Israeli Crowd Cheers As Missile Hits Gaza Live On CNN


no words.

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there are moments when everything about modernity AND the past simply piss me off….


(also i quit all forms of nicotine 2 days ago so fuuuuuuuuu….)

also i demand to know if whitegirlsaintshit would thirst creating a mutual thirst vortex or pass…

Rumored Features Of The Upcoming iPhone 6


Release date expected in the Fall. Apple’s 2014 iPhone is expected to include a larger redesigned form factor, with 4.7” and 5.5” diagonal screens. The 4.7” model will be introduced first around September, with the 5.5” model following later, according to reports. Other rumored features after the cut!

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if that price hike actually happens im going to cry 

lol @ the iOS 8

But is it waterproof

i wonder how many people are going to be enslaved mining rare earth minerals & how many people are going to be jumping off the sweatshop roofs in suicide attempts for this “product” to hit the market.


It is time for a woman to be the next american president. In fact it’s long overdue. Women comprise the majority of the domestic & world population. Women preside over their household & the stability of society, usually without credit. It is time for a woman to be president & the future of our planet depends on it. The earth cannot sustain another war. Our planet cannot survive the imperial swagger of another Cheney/Bush administration or the cold calculations of an Obama presidency perpetuating US global hegemony again. We cannot survive another 8yrs of testosterone informing the most powerful public office in the world. We need someone more likely to understand what life is & why a life has value. Someone who has created & carried life just might be less callous with it. It is time for a woman president & not just any woman. Not someone who voted for the Iraq War we are STILL embroiled in. Not someone feeding from the same Wall St. troughs as the pigs who crashed the global economy. Not someone with grandiose illusions of entitlement to political dynasty in what is theoretically a democracy. Not someone who would further patriarchy. Not hillary clinton. We need elizabeth warren in 2016. We must free ourselves from the disempowering notion that the safe choice is better than the right choice. The era of old white men with old white ideas must finally draw to an end. It is time for a woman president.

It is time for Senator Elizabeth Warren.